The Wedding Package

Take it to the Bridge offers wedding entertainment packages that include everything you need from start to finish! We offer a multitude of wedding services. Whether you choose our Deluxe or Premium Wedding Package, each one supplies you with services you need to succeed. We'll be sure to leave you and your guests an unforgettable wedding experience!

Pippin Hill Wedding
Pippin Hill Wedding

Let us exceed your expectations.

We dedicate ourselves to the Bride and Groom. From the day you lock-in your date with us to our performance on the big day, we work together to ensure everything runs smoothly. Each wedding package includes band & wedding consultation available 24/7 to answer questions and help with the planning process (itinerary, room layout, requests, etc.). With over 4-years experience performing dozens of weddings, you can count on us to level up your wedding day!

Deluxe Wedding Package

  • Master of Ceremony (MC)
  • Audio Equipment & Sound Engineer
  • 3 New Song Requests
  • DJ Services
  • Reception Performance

Premium Wedding Package

  • Master of Ceremony (MC)
  • Audio Equipment & Sound Engineer
  • 5 New Song Requests 
  • DJ Services
  • TITTB Trio performance
  • Reception Performance

MC Services

We are happy to include MC Services to keep the day running smoothly. John Richards Jr. is the point person with the wireless mic! John is a master at keeping the energy up as he helps guide and inform guests of what’s happening and what they can expect to occur in the near future. The MC caters the day to the Bride and Groom and will typically… 

  • Help guests find their seats
  • Introduce wedding party & newlyweds into reception room
  •  Announce the first dance & special dances
  •  Introduce Speeches & Announcements

Audio Equipment & Sound Engineer

We take pride in our sound and deliver an unparalleled audio experience. We provide our own top-of-the-line PA System and some of the industries best musical equipment. The full band arrives on scene with a professional sound engineer hours before guests arrive. The Sound Engineer dissects the venues acoustics (indoor and outdoor) for speaker placement and mixes our levels as we perform to optimize the guests experience.

New Song Requests

We are always honored to learn and perform new songs for the Bride and Groom! You'll be able to pick preferred songs off our extensive repertoire as well as request new songs for the band to learn! Requests are typically used for special dances (First Dance, Mother/Son, Father/Daughter), but may be standard setlist requests as well!

DJ Services

We can provide any announcements, song/s or playlist through our P/A system at any point of the night.

  • Ceremony Music - We provide an additional speaker to play the song of your choice as you walk down the    isle. This services may also include a playlist being played as guest takes seats and while guests depart.
  • Cocktail Hour Music - We provide a music playlist of your choice through our P/A system during cocktail hour.
  • Dinner Playlist - Choose the mood/genre you’d like and we’ll play a customized music playlist while guests eat.
  • During Set Break - We take a 15 - 20 minute break in-between sets during the Reception Performance. We’ll keep the energy going and provide music through the P/A.


Spice things up during cocktail hour with the Take it to the Bridge Trio! We'll perform requested songs along with acoustic twists of popular hits. A TITTB Trio performance is included with the Premium Wedding Package.

Reception Performance

You and your guests will experience the thrill of a live musical performance! Take it to the Bridge will perform two full sets of songs requested and selected off our timeless, versatile repertoire. We mold the setlist to the Bride and Groom and perform each song with a unique, soulful style aimed to get guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor!

Private & Corporate Events

Just because it's a business gathering doesn't mean you can't rock out. We perform for all types of events whether it's your birthday, anniversary, reunion or holiday bash, Take it to the Bridge offers an array of services and a performance guests wont forget!

Ask us about our Private Performance Package!

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Looking to have us perform?

We book dates up to 18 months prior to the event! Contact us about pricing and availability!